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The main problem with Type 2 diabetes going unnoticed is the potential for serious complications, including renal failure and coronary artery disease

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Educational story play for your 3 year old babies who surely love animals

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approval of its own hepatitis Cregimen and the FDA is slated to decide on the application byDec

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Michelle Collins, a certified nurse-midwife and director of the nurse-midwifery program at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing in Nashville, Tenn

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They are released by the ovaries during puberty, which causes an adolescent girl to develop the physical features of womanhood

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It must be examined by trained inspectors and approved as fit for people to eat (fit for human consumption)

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Who can forget the dramatic 4-note musical intro and that voice that solemnly intoned “Ladies and Gentlemen: The story you are about to hear is true

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